To Following Lord is Difficult


Rome, 14:7-12
Luke, 15:1-10

May be, a lot of people think that, following God is easy. It is don’t easy. Why?

Lord said, If you want follow me, please you leaves everything to follow me. And you must bear of the your cross to follow me. A question to us: what we have to doing it? It is difficult question. We don’t answer now, but it is a question in our life and a long time.

Because, many people difficult to waive ownership. People didn’t saffering. Whereas, if we can banded with ownership, it is freedom and happiness. If we can endure a cross in my life, it is bless and salvation.

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“Leave to something for Lord and don’t leave Lord for something”

God bless you and love us. Amen

Reporter: Rm. Even Saran, Pr

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